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Chapter Idea Fair


Wisconsin Badger Chapter & Upper Midwest Chapter

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TOGETHER - because we knew together we could offer our chapter members and students more in terms of the resources, networking, and professional development they needed.

**Please note this submission is from BOTH, Wisconsin Badger Chapter and the Upper Midwest Chapter**


Joint Webinars:
Timely and relevant webinars offered weekly and then monthly.

Virtual Roundtables & Wine Tastings:
Various joint and separate roundtables were arranged to discuss industry hot topics and simply check-in on friends. Additionally, we worked with Corporate Partners to offer members and their club members opportunities to purchase wine and conduct virtual tastings with winemakers.

Partners Providing Solutions:
We worked with our corporate partners to showcase their support and innovative solutions.

Students Staying in Step:
Together with (4) managers from each state we created case study "Zoomies" with our student chapter members. Students were instructed to work together in teams on each case study, the manager would then lead the hour-long Zoom session with participation from all attendees.

Allied Associations:
Working closely with allied associations in both states we were able to get golf open prior to other non-essential businesses.

COVID Resource Page
Our corporate partner, ForeTees, set up a COVID-19 resource pages for our members that we can easily update.

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