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Reports and White Papers

CMAA’s industry reports and white papers address niche topics that are top of mind for managers.

2022 Finance and Operations Report

The 2022 CMAA Finance and Operations Report is now available. This year’s report found the typical growth in membership annual dues (2021 vs. 2020) to be nearly 5 percent across most membership classes/types and the median member attrition rates to be 5.7 percent overall, 4.3 percent for golf and country clubs, 3.3 percent for city/athletic clubs, 3.7 percent for yacht clubs, and 4.6 percent for CIRA clubs.

  • All members have access to the Executive Summary through CMAA University.
  • Participants may access the Full Report, their Individual Club Report and the NEW Report Card (featuring a few key metrics) on theResearch Portal at
  • Subscribers to the Club Resource Center receive a copy of the print report and have access to an online data analytics platform which allows clubs to compare their data versus five peer groups and create customized aggregations of the survey results. To learn more about the subscription, please visit CRC.

2022 Compensation and Benefits Report

The 2022 Compensation and Benefits Report is also available.

  • All members have access to the Executive Summary through CMAA University and the Best Practices Exchange.
  • Participants may access the Full Report and their Individual Club Report on the Research Portal at
  • Subscribers to the Club Resource Center receive a copy of the print report and have access to an online data analytics platform which allows clubs to compare their data versus other clubs. To learn more about the subscription, please visit CRC.

Universal Key Club Performance Indicators

The Universal Key Club Performance Indicators White Paper details the six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that encapsulate a high-level picture of financial health, including the major components of a club.

This white paper is the result of the Universal Key Club Performance Indicators Task Force which was formed in March 2020. Over the last two years, the Task Force has worked and collaborated to create metrics that would become a common language between club managers, boards, and industry consultants.

From examining financial performance over a period of time to monitoring the retention and attrition of a club’s member base, each KPI serves as an important indicator of the approach a club should take to sustain the expected standard of service and member experience.

The White Paper is accompanied by an extensive Case Study that exemplifies how these KPIs can and should be applied at a club. This case study is available exclusively to CMAA members.

2019 Economic Impact Report

This report is available to the greater public and provides vital information on how clubs contribute to the economy and give back to their local communities. The report finds that revenue for CMAA clubs have reached nearly $21 billion and a total direct economic impact of $24 billion.

Millennial/Generational Insights

In conjunction with the Center for Generational Kinetics and The Club Foundation, the Club Management Association of America unveiled research uncovering generational attitudes about club memberships, specifically the Millennial demographic.

Born between 1977 and 1995, Millennials are poised to shake up the club industry. It turns out that many of the intangibles that Millennials say they want are exactly what clubs already can and do offer. But, like nearly everything Millennials do, they want it to be customized to their specific needs and life stage. Check out these encouraging findings from our national study and infographic.

Additional recorded material from this study may be found on CMAA University.

Related Resources

In conjunction with the Club Resource Center, CMAA produced three additional white papers exploring generational issues when attracting new members, new member orientation and club communications. Subscribe now to access these white papers that take a deeper dive on generational issues.

Attracting New Members—"A Multi-Generational Approach"

New members are the lifeblood of a club’s sustainability and require a thoughtful approach in acquisition. This white paper details the components of modern club marketing, which must be goal-specific, strategic, data-driven and digital.

New Member Orientation, Connection, and Retention

Anyone can join a private club but "belonging" is another issue in and of itself. Many new members are enjoying the experience of joining a club for the first time which makes it imperative for clubs to have sophisticated and well-orchestrated orientation strategy.

The Membership Club Offering and Communication Strategies

Once they become members, clubs must juggle the communication expectations and demands of a variety of generations. The bottom line is the more comfortable and connected a new member (and their family) feels, the longer they are willing to remain a member.

Nextgengolf's Millennial Golfers Study

CMAA Business Partner, GGA Partners and millennial golfer organization, Nextgengolf, annually produces a study on the habits, attitudes, and preferences of Millennial golfers. Read the latest study from 2020 here.

Recruiting Hourly Employees

In January 2018, CMAA released the 2017 Industry Study on Recruiting Hourly Employees to CMAA Members. The report provides a snapshot of the industry with best practices, challenges, and proposed solutions when it comes to recruiting hourly employees.

Did you know clubs rank current employees, job search engines, and local schools as the top three most effective recruiting sources for hourly employees?

Related Resources

Upcoming Papers

CMAA will be working with Insperity to provide managers with recruiting best practice via the Insperity blog via Outlook. Two additional white papers will also be produced addressing the strategic approach to recruiting hourly employees and on optimizing job search engines.

As they are developed, these resources will be available to all CMAA Members on CMAA University, under the Resource Library carousel, CMAA Research and Survey Reports category and Recruiting Hourly Employees Industry Survey course. 

Visit CMAA University

Club Careers Entry-Level Opportunities List

The Entry-Level Opportunities List is aimed at filling entry-level, hourly wage jobs, identified by CMAA members as their top recruitment challenge. This job board is a no-cost member benefit. Members will post jobs that will be arranged by state and then by club, making it easy to navigate. Applicants contact the club by the email provided in the listing. CMAA members will list jobs, but anyone can access the listing who is looking for employment.

Visit the EOL

Your Club and the Law

The variety and complexity of legal issues facing the club industry are much greater than those of only a few years ago. Although it is unrealistic to believe that a club manager should be able to properly resolve all the legal issues they may have to address, they must at least be aware of the legal issues that may arise.

This series of white papers is derived from the 2005 resource Your Club and the Law, delivered in more digestible pieces based on the themed parts and chapters. Hopefully, this series will help club managers recognize legal issues and see to their resolution before they develop into difficult problems. It is recommended that managers evaluate the applicability of this information considering their work conditions, particular situations, and changing standards.

Part 1: The Club and Its Employees

This part provides guidance on the various legal concerns a club manager should be aware of today regarding employment law.

This series is available with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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