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CMAA conducts detailed surveys on club finances, operations, and compensation and benefits. The surveys are compiled into various reports which provide detailed information to participants and the club industry. Participants receive a complimentary copy of the report.

Surveys are completed on the Industry Insights platform to ensure confidential and secure data storage and management. New participants can register and past participants can log in.

To view results from previous surveys, visit the Reports & White Papers page or the Research Archives.

Open Surveys

Club Leader’s Perspective

Club Leader's Perspective Survey

All CMAA Leaders are invited to participate in the 2022/2023 Club Leader’s Perspective Survey, a GGA Partners research initiative administered in partnership with CMAA. This survey unveils trends, reactions, and opportunities within the industry, offering a contemporary update on the pressing needs of club leaders across the country. The survey is estimated to take 15 minutes to complete and address the following sections: 

  • Section 1 – Club Profile 
  • Section 2 – Industry Outlook
  • Section 3 – Access and Utilization
  • Section 4 – Member Experience Insights
  • Section 5 – Capital and Finance
  • Section 6 – Diversity, Equity, and & Inclusion
  • Section 7 – Inflationary Impacts on Service 
  • Section 8 – Metrics

Individual responses to this survey will be confidential and the results will be reported in an aggregate format. Should you need to step away from your online survey prior to completion, your answers will be automatically saved, and you may return to complete it any time before the deadline.
The results, in summary form, will be available to those who complete the survey. Survey insights will enable club leaders, and the industry at large, to transform their clubs and gain insight into how clubs across the United States are faring. 

The deadline to complete the survey is January 22.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important ongoing initiative.

Diversity in the Workplace

Club Employee Demographic Assessment

The Club Employee Demographic Assessment is a research survey presented with support from CMAA and The Club Foundation. This project will provide a baseline and snapshot of the demographics across the club industry. This three-year project will enable your club to benchmark your changing demographics over time.

Our industry has many opportunities to grow—attracting and retaining interested student members in the competitive hospitality landscape, having more women represented at the highest levels of leadership in clubs, and more. We must work to make it attractive to today’s workforce to choose to work in clubs.

According to the 2020 US Census, nearly four of 10 Americans identify with a race of ethnic group other than white. This is especially noteworthy for the younger portion of the population (16 & younger) identified as a racial or ethnic minority.[i] Diversity in the workplace means employing people of different ages, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, and education levels. Diversity helps clubs attract a wider talent pool. With today’s labor challenges, clubs and hospitality businesses are struggling to recruit and retain talent.

Your club's participation and information are confidential. Please submit one response per club. Your club will gain insight into your team’s diversity and assist in formulating your own Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy and tactics.

Your club's participation in this assessment will provide data to help CMAA build education and resources to help clubs recruit and retain diverse talent, making it attractive for everyone to choose to work in clubs. Already, DEI has been added to the Business Management Institute (BMI) curriculum and the slate of sessions at CMAA’s World Conference and Club Business Expo, and other nationally presented events.

Thank you in advance for your club's participation in this important initiative!

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