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101 Education Series


On our 850-acre property with 60 holes of golf on three courses, 10 indoor/outdoor dining venues, four swimming pools, a fitness center, and a guest house there is a lot going on each day! It is easy for the departments to stay in their silos and remain unaware of what it happening outside of their respective areas. In order to provide members with the best experience, it is crucial that all team members maintain a general knowledge of all other aspects of the Club. We are lucky to have managers across the property who are experts in their fields. So, we created a program that allows us to educate all of our team members from within. The “101 Series” introduced at SVCC in 2019 has greatly increased employee awareness throughout the Club. This series was instituted to educate the team about other departments, thereby providing greater insight into the functioning of the Club as a whole. Each member of the leadership team was asked to participate by leading an education session on the basics of their department. Sessions on membership, golf, finance, and safety have been held thus far.


Each session was held classroom-style with PowerPoint presentations and handouts on which to take notes. Team members expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn and gain an in-depth understanding of the Club. The information they have learned gave them the resources needed to respond to various member inquiries, and the confidence to interact with the membership in a new way. Additional “101 Series” offerings are already in development for 2020!

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Alysha Gaffney

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