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Idea Fair

27-Hole Putting Championship


The Golf Staff created a 9-hole miniature golf course on three different practice putting greens (27 holes total) with individual themes: America, Toy Story, and a Day at the Beach. Beverages were driven around for members to grab on the go. Members completed a 9-hole course and then drove golf carts to the next 9-hole location. After all 27 were completed, a playoff was held to decide an overall champion.


This unique event was for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. We assigned three teams of two people from the Golf Staff to create a themed 9-hole putting course on three different practice greens. The two-person teams used props and pictures to put a unique twist on their putting course which took extreme creativity. Members who participated in the event were impressed with the detail and creativity of each of the themed putting courses.

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Joe Krenn

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