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2nd Annual Curling Bonspiel


We provided our full members the opportunity to conquer an Olympic sport which most would never attempt during their lifetime. For the evening of Friday, January 10th, the Beacon Hill Club ice rink was converted into a curling facility with four regulation lanes, formal instruction, and competitive games. Across five timeslots, over 230 lucky individuals stepped on our ice and created shared memories.

This unique program resonated with all ages and member classes. Our older members brought their college-aged children and all were on the ice together learning to curl and having a blast! Families and friends bonded with each other over the shared experience and the event continues to be discussed among the membership today. Members were also able to showcase the facility to their guests, who participated in the evening's festivities, and we have now converted those guests into prospective members.

Finally, we wanted to reintroduce an area of our Club (Carriage House Bar and Dining Room) to lapsed members who no longer have children in the ice program.


We were able to showcase our most unique asset by setting up four curling lanes over five different timeslots with a professional instructor assigned to each lane. We made an evening of it and also offered Food & Beverage tasting stations provided by local craft breweries and food vendors. We created an outdoor BBQ grill with gourmet food from a well-known local butcher shop, and ended the evening with a formal after-party for all participants and attendants.

Due to the overwhelming response, BHC will host a Family Curling event in late February. Membership applications have been requested by members for their guests who participated in the evening, and we were able to re-engage lapsed members who no longer participate in Club events and programs.

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