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Idea Fair

60 Days of Christmas


In order to promote membership retention, our creative team devoted themselves to creating various videos and posts that gave away a prize to one random member a day for 60 days. We called it the 60 days of Christmas. Prizes included, but were not limited to - free dues, free golf, tennis, swim lessons, movie tickets, cart rentals for the year, AirPods and more. Our goal was to get our members more informed and connected, especially in our colder months when the pool is not open. The ultimate goal was to minimize attrition. We had the fewest members resign ever in our club history!


Each day, our team would pick a social media site (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) to draw a random member from. The more social media sites you follow us on, the greater your chance to win a prize. This daily giveaway generated excitement around the club and helped our members see more of what is happening around our club.

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Ben Lorenzen

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