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Activity Bins


Over 1,000 children call Woodfield home and many parents utilize our babysitting services offered at the Children’s Clubhouse. To make coming to the Children’s Clubhouse even more exciting, we wanted to do something special for the children who are regularly registered for babysitting. We created differentiated activity bins, which are personalized bins for each child filled with fun and educational activities geared towards their interests. For example, a child who loves dinosaurs has a bin with his name on it that is filled with dinosaur coloring pages, interactive books about dinosaurs and a scavenger hunt for dinosaur eggs. These bins are a treasure trove of fun for the children and new items are regularly added to keep them fresh and engaging.


Each child has specific interests and things that make them happy and content. Some kids love dinosaurs and others like princesses. After learning each child’s passion, we got to work creating the bins. We put each child’s name on the front of the bins and collected items that fit with each child’s unique interests.

These personalized bins have been a huge hit with the children and have been an excellent distraction for those that have a hard time separating from their parent at drop off. The children can’t wait to see what is in their bin and get started on an activity. It’s also been an effective way for staff to connect with the children, as kids are excited to know the staff created something special just for them.

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Eben M. Molloy, CCM

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