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Banquet MVP


Country’s Banquet MVP incentive program was started with the clear goal of establishing something that recognizes our team members for the genuine hard work and dedication that they put forth each day. We want everyone to feel appreciated for making The Country Club the special place that it is. The Banquet MVP program provides all team members with many opportunities to be rewarded through a series of different prizes. These prizes may include “Country Cash,” gift cards, select menu items, Fit Bits, TV’s, personalized gifts pertaining to their personalities or interests outside of the club, etc. When the team recognizes that they are an important asset to the club, their positive attitudes create a more memorable experience for our membership and their guests.


Each month, a Banquet MVP board is created listing all Service Staff team members. For every larger event, each Food and Beverage Manager on the event selects a Banquet MVP of their choice. Banquet MVP’s are characterized as someone who has extensively helped their teammates, performed to Country’s mission statement and has empowered others alongside of them. The winner is announced at the end of each event and receives $10 in “Country Cash” and a star placed next to their name on the Banquet MVP board. The team member awarded the most Banquet MVP’s for the month is presented with a personalized gift, along with a handwritten thank you note. The names of those who have won the most Banquet MVP’s of the month go into a yearly drawing that is on July 4th and the winner receives a day of Paid Time Off.

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