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Beverage Clubs within the Club


Ask a Colleton River member if they have heard of Scotch Society, Bourbon Society, or L3 (ladies who Love Libations) and you are guaranteed to hear a memorable story. Like most clubs, our members enjoy taking part in quality libations. This commonality among members was the basis for specialty societies focused on libations.


Members from each of the societies meet independently on a monthly basis. The evenings start with a strolling reception of tasting countless libations relevant to the specific society. Once dinner starts, the society chair introduces a new libation for their society to maintain a perpetual inventory of product. Next, the feast begins… Chef and his team create unbelievable dishes subsidized through the society’s separate dues line. The feasts range from clusters of King Crab to 42oz tomahawk steaks. While each society is unique to the libation… the common denominator is a raving fan at the end of the night.

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Eric Bischofberger

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