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Bring Your Kids to Work Day


Bring Your Kids to Work Day is a national event that occurs every year on the fourth Thursday in April to give children exposure to the working world. At the WAC, we go a step further and invite all staff to bring their children (Pre-K through 8th Grade) to the Club for a day filled with fun activities while still exposing kids to the work their parents do each day. We really want the kids to get a chance to interact with their parent/guardian while they work, so having activities in every department allows us to do that without making the kids spend the day in one spot.

Kids are divided by age/grade into multiple groups with different parent leaders and varying activities for each group. We also bring everyone, parents and kids, together at the end of the day for a “party.” We've asked that supervisors help schedule their teams as best they can, so that any parents with kids in attendance can participate sometime throughout the day.

We involve the entire team as much as possible. Assistant General Manager, Christina Watson, CCM and 626 Landmark Foundation Liaison, Amelia Gradilla have been parent chaperones each year and the F&B, spa and aquatics and children’s dance teams were all instrumental in making the program a success.

The second year the event was offered the attendance almost doubled. The team truly cherished being able to share time with their children where they spend MOST of their time. When our team is happy, our Club runs well and the quality of service to our membership is strengthened.


We have so many fun family events throughout the year for our members and their children so we thought joining the national Bring Your Kids to Work Day was a great opportunity to share some of those activities with our team and their families.

Logistically, we saved the date (so we weren’t juggling on top of 100 club and private events), created a flyer, a registration form and a school letter (for parents to turn in to their children’s schools stating they would be missing school to participate in bring your kids to work day). The department heads shared with their teams and provided creative input and staff support when they could

Each year has been a little bit different, but we have offered activities like face painting, swimming with inflatables, make your own pizza/sundae/etc., family bingo, bounce houses, robot building workshops, chair massages, polish changes, DIY face masks, temporary tattoos, 3-legged races (with the parents), flower potting, etc. Reactions from the membership have been positive and many have enjoyed meeting the team’s families or being reminded of all the many activities we can offer.

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Frederick J. Fletcher, CCM

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