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Bring Your Kids to Work Day


On April 25th, 2019 we celebrated "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" at Mansquan River GC. We had 24 kids of all ages in attendance to participate in five 30 minute sessions that would teach them all about the club business (and have some fun along the way!) We ended the day with a nice family lunch buffet. Every department was involved in helping make the first annual "Bring Your Kid to Work Day" a huge success. The event was both a great learning experience from child and a great way to spend a little more time with family. We loved having extra help around the club for the day and we are looking forward to next year. This event is one of the many employee social events that we offer at MRGC. The club takes great pride in providing unique events ti improve team chemistry. Many of us talk about our children, but it was an amazing experience being able to meet everyone's children at the club.


The members of Manasquan River Golf Club are very supportive of the various amount of employee events that we provide for our staff. Members who were golfing this day stopped by the driving and putting range to meet all of the staff's children.

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