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Caricature Program - Giving Everyone a Voice


Living the Cherokee's culture each and every day, we focus on maintaining strong family values and team rules. Engaging our employees through constant feedback is key in accomplishing this. We continue to be responsive to what our employees have to tell us and work to improve just how their voice is heard.

Following up on feedback from our recent Employee Engagement survey, we established a communication cycle to make sure ideas / suggestion and important information was cascaded up the chain and trickled back down.


Ideas/suggestion are brought to the Employee Engagement Committee, consisting of line level employees, vetted by the Culture Committee, consisting of mid-management, whose responsibility is to make sure suggestions are in line with club policy and culture and passed up to Senior Leadership for approval.

Once approved, a action plan is developed by the proper committee and acted upon by either the Employee Engagement Committee or Culture Committee.

The Who's Who' came next, being a 2 facility campus with over 500 employees how does a fellow employee know who is on what committee. Instead of just posting employee photos (boring) we engaged a caricature artist to "humanize" each committee member in a way that was fun and engaging. Employees who service on the committees take pride in knowing they are key contributors in making a difference when it comes to keeping communication channels open

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