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Congo Passport Program



The passport program is part of our onboarding process. Our onboarding was only launched last October and was created using a think tank with team member from different divisions throughout the club to be able to get a vast amount of ideas in creating the program. We are very proud of our passport program; this unique idea has given our team members so much freedom to be able to “travel” throughout their club. Journey to any location within the club-- out to the Tennis House or out to the Green and Ground Building and learn about operations team members may not otherwise have exposure to. Aside from seeing the property and operation, it also has fostered outside department relationships. The idea of the passport program has driven engagement up almost 80%. Once the program was launched, we invited every single team member to take part in the program-- not just new team members. The team that was in place prior to the program launching were exited and reinvigorated for the opportunity to take part in the program, which also created a blend between employees that have been with us many years and those who had been at the Club for less than 90 days.


We made sure to include everyone in the launch of the passport program to ensure all our leaders and managers had a very good understanding of the how it works and the benefits it could produce. Prior to the launch of the passport specifically, there was a training held so each leader in their prospective areas could share with their teams what was to come. The questions in the passport can be answered by any team member of the department (not just a manager), and each department has their own stamp to mark the passports once their area was completed. Aside from the team member "traveling", the team that stamped the passport was excited to be a part of their welcoming process.

There was an immediate positive buzz that resulted from the first trial of the program. We noticed more socialization, relationships, smiles, and high-fives in the hallways. We also came to learn the program has allowed for the team to have more pride in the Club. By traveling around the property, they have learned about the club's vast history, past and current members, and and the daily happenings of the operation.

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