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Dining for Dollars


During the slower winter months, a cash prize dining event was created to boost our reservations. Each week a name is drawn at 8:00 pm on Friday from the club roster for the chance to win a minimum of $100. You must be present to win! If that member is not in attendance, then $100 is added to the"Pot of Gold" for the following week's drawing. Anticipation grows each week and the dining rooms continues to fill as the weeks pass. On the last night of the winter season, names are continuously drawn with great fan fare until the prize is finally given away to a member in attendance. Regardless if a winning name is drawn, a table name is drawn each week for a complimentary dessert from all "reservations" made. The largest POT OF GOLD won was in the amount of $1,500!!!


Advertising and marketed through the newsletter, email blasts and simple word of mouth builds anticipation. Friends call friends and gather groups to join them for dinner. As described by a member's nice note "Such a simple idea that has brought so much fun and camaraderie with IHCC members.." of varying ages groups.

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