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Emergency App


The Health and Safety Committee is always exploring opportunities to improve response and emergency notifications throughout SVCC’s expansive campus. It became apparent during mock code training exercises held over the years that responding team members often stumbled to find emergency numbers, forgot or didn’t know where AED’s were located, forgot their CPR training and much more. We needed a quick way to send out alerts to staff members who lacked Club email as well as a centralized location at which all emergency information would be accessible.


Our security team solved this issue by creating a custom app designed to assist during on-campus emergencies. Our security manager became a registered app developer with Apple and Google Play, building an app specifically tailored to the Club’s needs. After a soft roll-out to key staff members for input and testing purposes in May 2018, the app was rolled out for all SVCC members and staff to download. It has proven to be a great asset and is frequently updated with new features. Local emergency service personnel also employ the app when responding to emergencies on the SVCC campus. Our “developer team” is currently working on developing apps for other clubs and municipalities.

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Alysha Gaffney

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