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Employee of the Season Program


Our Employee of the Season program was specifically designed for our Golf Course Maintenance and Grounds Teams. The Program recognizes employees in these departments for their outstanding performance. Each employee is evaluated on their attendance, adherence to club policies, wearing of safety items, adherence to break and lunch times, additional effort without being asked, notifying supervisors of anything out of the ordinary, and going above and beyond their scope of work.

The winner receives a special designated parking spot for the season, a $250 gift card, their picture proudly displayed in the employee breakroom and a special red hat designating them as the Employee of the Season.

The special hat is the most prized possession of the program. The hat distinguishes the employee from the rest of the team, and they wear it with pride. The special hat also makes it possible for Members to recognize and congratulate the winners. To keep the exclusivity of the hat intact, only the current Employee of the Season is permitted to wear it. Once the next season winner is announced, the previous winner must wear a normal hat.


The Employee of the Season program has been very successful. We started the Program in the summer of 2018 and have selected a new winner every winter, spring, summer and fall since. Our inaugural Employee of the Season announcement came as a surprise as only a few people knew about the program. Once the team saw the recognition the winner received, many staff members set out to earn the recognition for themselves. We saw an improvement in morale and work ethic almost immediately. Employees strive to be selected as the next Employee of the Season and genuinely value the distinction.

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Eben M. Molloy, CCM

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