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Idea Fair

Family Night in the Grille Room


Our idea is to be able to host families in the middle of the week that are able to enjoy dinner together but to also spend quality time with each other as well. We offer activities during the evening in the grille room that allow parents and children to be engaged such as, trivia games (Disney movies, animal trivia), board games, Bingo and small crafts. This has helped us to keep family night focused on the families spending time together and supports our family focused culture.


The idea of creating family focused activities during our family night in the grille derived from camp counselors and food and beverage managers searching for a way to keep families engaged throughout the evening. Our goal was to make sure that the theme of the night was still the main focus and that we were providing the tools to the members. Our members really enjoy the activities that engage the entire family and they look forward to dining at the club each week.

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Jamie Weisberg

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