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FLAG-tastic Bin


By making this storage bin, the different colored/numbered flags could be easily organized and accessible when changing cups. Previously, the flags were stacked on top of one another in a plastic bin. When a different colored/numbered flag was needed that day, multiple flags would have to be rummaged through to find the one needed. By having the flags organized in the storage bin, finding the flag that is needed is quick and speeds up the process of changing cups.

Another added benefit of this storage bin is saving time by not having to organize the flags before the next day of cup changing.


This idea was implemented by identifying a need and figuring out a solution. The need was to make the process more streamlined for selecting the correct flag, and expediting the organization of the flags at the end of the task. The member reaction has been positive since the employee is able to start their second job sooner, allowing more work to be completed, improving the overall conditions of the course.

About the author

Phil Kiester

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