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Giving the interns an opportunity to advance their education through learning about our environment will create a buzz about Fripp in their schools. If they have a way to learn and have fun, they will tell their friends. Thus, the friends will apply for internships here. As we all know in the club industry, good help is hard to find. Creating programs for the good of the student and the employees will create an interest in our island, the club, and all resort amenities. It is a win-win for everyone. Our interns also have an opportunity to become full-time employees should the opportunity arise. Once hired on, former interns can share their research knowledge with future interns.


This fall our Head Naturalist, Megan Grams, implemented a new component to our recreation internships. Under her supervision and direction, the interns were asked to complete an independent research project that helped us learn more about our local alligator population. The purpose in executing these projects was three-fold: provide an opportunity for interns to gain research experience before they apply to graduate schools, use the knowledge they find to expand nature center programs, and get the Fripp Island community involved and excited about the work our naturalists are doing.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our members because the alligator presentation was so informative. There was a lot of information presented that was not well-known by our members – about the interns and our alligators! Since there was such a good turn-out and positive response, we are looking into the possibility of creating a staff/member education series. The topics will range from technology, to nature…anything that will stimulate the love to learn new things.

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