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Going Green


Fiddler’s has been on the cutting edge of environmental innovation to become a greener and more sustainable destination. Each year, the Club uses over 80,000 single-use plastic water bottles, many of which are used by staff. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, after 60 days of employment staff members are given a Corkcicle Canteen engraved with the Fiddler logo and their names. The various colors correspond to each department. They also receive a Fiddler’s reusable tote bag to further reduce the amount of plastic in our environment. The bag features logos from the different departments at Fiddler’s and a greeting of “Welcome” in different languages.


Although this idea does not directly effect members, an impact is still made on them. A member might see one of our employees drinking out of this bottle, which may lead them to make a more environmentally conscious decision themselves. We also sell these same bottles in our Pro Shop, and can even offer engraving as well!

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