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Idea Fair

Golf and Pony Show


Participants played 10 holes on Farmington's East Course and were then taken by bus to Colonial Downs for an evening of horse racing. During the bus ride, members were served drinks and light snacks while listening to a discussion on the "History of Horse Racing in Virginia and Handicapping" led by Rob McNamara and Debbie Easter. Upon arrival, the group was taken to a private box where they watched the races and enjoyed appetizers and dinner.


Each attendee filled out a betting sheet, which had the potential of lowering the event's corresponding golf score. Picking the horse in 1st place was a three-shot deduction; 2nd place was a two-shot deduction; 3rd place was a one-shot deduction. The member with the lowest score after the race was the winner of the event. During the second race—"The Farmington Cup"—the group was taken down to the paddock where they took their picture with the winning horse. The member reactions were extremely positive for this extremely unique event. Talk of next year's trip commenced during the ride home!

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