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HELLO My Name Is


The Hello My Name Is event was implemented to help assemble all the generations of our Club for the common purpose of building relationships and being a part of a community. As our membership numbers increased rapidly over the years, the Club wanted to create a welcoming environment to strengthen the relationships between the traditional generation and the newer generation as they were both using the Club quite frequently. The Hello My Name Is event was the perfect solution to introduce and engage our new members with our established members, so they became more than an unfamiliar face, but with the goal of having everyone on a first name basis by the end of the night. As a family-oriented Club we value deep-rooted connections among various members and hope to establish everlasting camaraderie.


The event called for members from all segments of the generational timeline. For any generational Club, it is important to continue to build upon the foundation of success that is created by the unforgettable memories found inside a Club’s walls, time and time again by the events that help carry on that family-oriented culture. This event idea aligned with our tradition of excellence and was implemented flawlessly by the collaborative team here at The Country Club. The event featured complimentary Hor d’oeuvres, cocktails by signature, and live music throughout the evening. The membership in attendance were given a Hello My Name Is name tag with their name and the year they joined the Club. This small detail was very impactful for many conversation starters. The event was described as a huge success by many of our board members who were in attendance. This event cultivated an inclusive environment that encouraged members to step outside of their comfort zone and develop connections that they might not have made otherwise. Overall, the event generated plenty of positive momentum around the Club and to think it all started with a Hello My Name Is….

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