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In Da Kitchen


Each Tuesday we release our weekly specials. In order to drive excitement and traffic in the dining room, we film a video of our Executive Chef making the specials and what goes into them. This weekly video series, called “IN DA KITCHEN” shows our Chef making the special and exactly what goes into it. After creating the dish we follow up by taking professional photos of the mouth-watering dishes. We feel clubs do a great job taking photos of awesome dishes, we wanted to step it up and show a 1-minute video of Chef actually creating the dish from start to finish.


This has really driven a lot of dining room traffic. Instead of words on a piece of paper, stating what the dish of the week is, this interactive video showcases the time and effort that goes into creating these delicious entrees. The members tune in to all of our social media channels on Tuesday when the specials are unveiled to see the photos and videos. The dining room continually is packed throughout the week and we sell out of many of our specials. Our social media posts equate to dollars!

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