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Lets’ Taco Bout It


“Lets’ Taco Bout It” was developed to create a platform for our General Manager to have a casual atmosphere for our employees to share their input and feedback on how to create and enhance interdepartmental synergies. This platform has been instrumental in putting process and procedures in place to relieve pressure points from one operation to another. Our employee newsletter content was enhance based on feedback from this forum. Additional bulletin boards have been placed in areas of high traffic to ensure that all parties have a wealth of knowledge as it relates to all things Ansley.


The Senior Leadership of Ansley Golf Club discussed the idea in detail to include who should attend, how often it should be hosted and what the desired result would be. The idea along with the details were then presented to the Club Board of Directors during the Annual Strategic Planning retreat as one proposed measure to drive employee engagement. The Board of Directors were in full support and ecstatic about the idea, hence Lets’ Taco Bout it was birthed. To date the Board has made mention of the team feeling more engaged and the synergy and support of each other have been a positive impact on the member experience.

About the author

Nick Markel, CCM

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