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Member Mixers: Remixed!


Providing varied opportunities for members to showcase and grow the Club community is one of the most effective ways for members to take an active role in recruitment which is an organizational and strategic goal of the Club. Our operation has been enhanced in a few ways: 1) Members and the management team have two different ways monthly ways to introduce membership to non-members which helps grow our community; 2) The frequency of the events help guest members and prospects meet and mingle with sponsors for full membership; 3) The events provide an excellent opportunity for members to engage with the management team and for the managers to get a great pulse of the membership - what they like, don't like, and what to see.


The idea was implemented with the input of the Membership Committee and by getting lots of feedback from members. The reactions from members have been very positive. Older members prefer the Monthly Cocktail Mixers in the Library because it is a more subdued atmosphere and a lot of younger members enjoy the liveliness of the First Thursday events in the bar with live bands. Both events have truly become a staple of the calendar at the Club and members look forward to them.

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Christopher McAllister

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