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Member Plate Sale


Our old banquet china was taking up precious storage space. It was decided that we could sell these unique plates with The Country Club of Virginia logo on them to members. The proceeds would be donated to CCV Cares, a 501(3)(c) employee foundation with a mission of extending financial assistance to our co-workers and their immediate family members who suffer economic hardships arising from such unforeseen events as death, injury, illness, accident, natural disaster, or other personal or family emergency.

After the sale, the Club was able to recover valuable storage space that could be used for more important items. Members were able to purchase a piece of The Country Club of Virginia history, and the CCV Cares Foundation received a donation of around $4,500. This was truly a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.


An email was sent out to the members notifying them of the offer a week before the sale. Members could place orders over the phone or in person. We charged the member’s account for the plates and used the wording “CCV Cares Donation – Logo Plate” as the description on the member’s statement. This was done instead of providing written receipts to each member.

Members were so excited to have an affordable piece of The Country Club of Virginia memorabilia. The plates soon became a hot commodity and were completely sold out in under 48 hours. Members were able to make a donation to a worthy cause and receive a treasured keepsake at the same time.

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