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Member Retention


Member retention has been an important part of our strategic planning. We are committed to providing "WOW" experiences to our membership. New members receive a passport to help them to familiarize themselves with the many amenities and benefits the club has to offer. We also put an emphasis on the fact that you don't have to Golf to get value from your membership. We started a TAP (Travel & Adventure Program) and HIP (Hobbies & Interests Program). The two programs offer cultural and educational day trips, bigger tourist style adventures, book clubs, cigar club, and other crafting actives that keep our membership engaged. The Member Retention Management tool, provided by Club Essentials, allows us to proactively address any barriers that would prevent members form getting the best value of their membership.


Member retention rates are higher due in great part to addressing this a key strategic initiative. We proactively work with our members form moment one to prevent any surprise resignations. Member's appreciate our efforts as it provides their membership experience more value.

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Michael Nyerges

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