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New Member Orientation Book


The New Member Orientation Book is a unique tool originally created to be a helpful guide during New Member Orientations. Over the years, it has evolved into a great informational resource for new members. Once a new member joins the club, they meet with the membership department for a friendly introduction. The New Member Orientation Book has their personalized name on the cover and includes information about every department within the club, photos of the department heads and other significant members of the team. It also includes hours of operations, and important details for each department and areas of the club.


This idea has been implemented in every single New Member Orientation once a new member joins the club. It is printed and personalized in house and can be updated at any time. New Members love the personalization of the new member orientation. Being able to see their name printed on the cover makes them feel exceptionally special. They love being able to match names with faces with photos of our staff members and appreciate all of the information laid out for them in their own personal booklet.

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Rick Dente

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