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Not Your Normal BYOB


The "Not Your Normal BYOB" is very attractive to our younger members, many who want to learn more about wine and food in a very social setting. While it targets the younger members, it is not exclusive to younger members. It brings individuals and groups of members together all with a common interest, which is the development of their knowledge, the opportunity to try quite a few different wines and enjoy a wonderful meal complete with lively conversation.

What we find is that members from different backgrounds and interest get to dine together and have the opportunity to grow a relationship with other members. Some of which they may never have had a chance to meet otherwise.

It grows member use, introduces many to diversity in cuisine and wine, allows for our culinary team to use their creativity to the benefit of members and the Club.


As with many great ideas, it grew organically. Members of our Wine Committee encouraged members of the Younger Member Committee to take advantage of our Monday Night BYOB program. They began by simply bringing wine, grouping tables, and ordering from the menu. We saw the opportunity and decided to offer special menus for them to enjoy and pair with wine, meaning they would know about the menu prior and decide on what they should bring. Our Sommelier can assist in directing them.

This will continue to evolve and, while of interest to the select groups now, will broaden and evolve to the fuller Club audience.

The members that have participated have loved the opportunity to grow their knowledge in a very social atmosphere. In my personal interaction with them, they have wanted to support the growth and evolution of the program. Which will mean more covers and continued improvement in the member experience.

It brings members together, engages them at the Club, creates loyalty, develops their interaction, and as time goes on, when they bring guests, it will affect future growth.

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John P. Dorman

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