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Through the partnership with Trackman & Titleist, the NYAC was able to provide a unique amenity rarely found in city clubs, while simultaneously making effective use of limited space in one of the most costly real estate markets in the country. In addition to the Golf Simulators themselves, the Club also capitalized on the newly created space by enhancing the surrounding offerings to include instructional lessons with golf professionals, grab n’ go food & beverage kiosks, full-service catering, merchandising outlets (pro shop), and private event room rentals. Overall, the Golf Center has provided the NYAC with a new amenity that generates several different revenue streams (food & beverage, catering, merchandising, professional instruction fees, etc) while further enhancing the membership experience and value for both existing members and prospective new members.


The NYAC provided its members with an athletic survey to compile and identify newly desired sports activities and sports-related offerings. By doing so, we were able to determine that the top requested addition was for a golf simulator. The next step was to search for the best location in the Club. Our research indicated that our American squash courts were mostly underutilized. This became the ideal space for our now, Golf Center. The reactions thus far have been overwhelmingly positive. The finished product containing two state of the art Trackman Golf Simulators and putting greens has a high-end appearance which the Board and the membership could not be happier with.

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