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Pass It Along


Pass It Along was at first developed by a group of members who were eager and generous who wanted to give back to the Colleton River Team around the Holidays. This has become an annual traditional where the members drop of items that are in good condition for the team to take home and use. It has added value for team members and their families since there are items ranging from designer clothes to TV’s to home furniture and more! The program cultivates a culture of appreciate coming from the membership.


Pass It Along is an event that takes place in the late fall at a Club Maintenance Facility. Member volunteer’s arrival early in morning to assist setting while other members line up with cars and trucks filled with items to donate to the hourly team members. Employees are randomly assigned different times to come and enjoy the generosity of the members. The members are proud of this event and are proud to be able to give back to those who take care of them.

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Eric Bischofberger

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