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Passport Night



One challenge that all our clubs face is the constant need to innovate and keep things exciting, especially in our dining rooms! The team at Colleton River evolved the dining experience by creating a monthly “Passport Night” for the year. The replacement of a “regular” a la carte dining night with a Passport Night has increased participation 58%; equivalent to a sold-out night at one of the clubhouses.


“Passports” were designed with the destinations. Members were each provided a passport that was stamped when they attended one of the monthly events. Each destination was unique and themed live music, decorations, specialty drinks and, of course… FOOD. Members who dined “around the world” and attended every Passport Night were entered into a raffle to win 2 complimentary tickets to the consistently sold out New Year’s Eve bash. Every Passport Night was sold out and a wild success! Members are wondering what the travel agenda is for next year!!

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Eric Bischofberger

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