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Pond Expansion


In an effort to do our part in helping the environment we expanded our existing pond to allow for more self-reliant irrigation options throughout our 27-holes of golf. The original pond was constructed in the mid-1960's. The new expansion project increased our water capacity by 511,000 gallons. This included the removal of 14,000 cubic yards of silt and increased our water storage by 2 million gallons. There were 1,000 truckloads of silt removed by the end of this project. All of which remained on property and was used as fill for a concurrent golf course construction project.


The project was completed with minimal interruption, local wildlife was relocated during the project and reintegrated into the new pond as quickly as possible. The Membership recognized this as one of the top priorities of the project and were very appreciative of the smooth transition. In addition with the expanded the capacity of the pond we were able to provide the Membership a considerable cost savings by doubling our water supply. Lastly, we have increased Member Satisfaction with the play on the golf course with the enhanced water views and active fountains in the pond.

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