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Portable Tent Rack System


The Country Club of Virginia has a portico located off of our Main Ballroom that we often enclose with a very large tent to create more space for special events during the winter months.

The portico tent is difficult to maneuver, and leads to a clumsy and time-consuming process for both storage (when it is not in use) and transportation of the tent to the portico area to be installed. We created a portable tent rack system that allows the portico tent to be stored in a manner that is safe for both the tent and for employees and it is also used to transport the tent from storage to the installation location.

The rack system provides:
1. A container for transportation of the portico tent to and from the Clubhouse.
2. A place for the tent to be stored in the rafters of the Building Services building when not in use.


The Building Services team designed and created the portico tent storage/transport rack system to provide a solution that allows our team to store and transport the portico tent in a manner that is safe, saves time and payroll, keeps the tent from being damaged, and makes owning a tent versus renting a tent a more feasible option.

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