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Price Tags on Golf Course Maintenance Equipment


The golf course maintenance staff is the heartbeat of the Club, overseeing the entire 850-acre property and its 60 holes of golf. The equipment they utilize to perform their tasks ranges from edge trimmers to tri-plex mowers. This equipment is costly and often used on a daily basis. The team consists of many tenured employees, but each summer a large team of seasonal staff comes on board who may lack job awareness and respect for the equipment. Jim Roney, Director of Golf Courses and Grounds, takes pride in maintaining his department’s equipment at peak condition and has developed a creative way to increase awareness among his staff. Labels featuring the purchase price are placed in a conspicuous location on each piece of equipment so the operators are constantly reminded of the value of the machinery they are entrusted to operate.


Although, it may seem simple, placing the price tags has drastically reduced unnecessary wear and tear saving the club on costly repair expenditures. It's a real eye opener when they see a walking greens mower's ticket price of $12,000 is 2x the cost of their own vehicle or a fairway mower with a sticker price of $56,000, the message is much easier to deliver with a constant visual and reminder.

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