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Idea Fair

Pups on the Patio


Creating an opportunity for members to connect with each other in new ways is one of the most rewarding experiences at a Club. Given the high number of morning dog walkers that use our Club’s paths and
walkways, we thought of an opportunity to bring these members together in a new setting: the outdoor terrace of our fast casual restaurant.

Normally, our Club’s rules do not permit dogs on dining terraces; however, we suspended the rule on the first Saturday each month during the summer season to gauge interest. To accompany this dog-friendly promotion, the restaurant’s culinary team prepared an array of healthy, house-made dog treats created with kitchen scrap cuts with no filler or preservatives that were sold at just above cost.


Members came together to enjoy a relaxing Saturday morning, enjoy delicious food, and bond with fellow dog lovers and Man’s Best Friend. Member usage during this time of the year increased, and members were able to connect with others within the Club community.

For clubs that allow dogs, or would permit them in limited settings, creating an event that brings dog lovers together is always a value add to being a member.

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Ryan Bender

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