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Quarterly Employee Celebration


The revitalized Quarterly Employee Celebration is a staff rally intended to encourage staff to mix and mingle with other departments. Recognize staff in the company of their peers. A buffet is set up to allow the employees to enjoy an event in the same style as the membership. These meetings have increased staff morale, and created a sense of community within the club.

During this event, we also recognize the employees selected for monthly awards as well as dedicate a small portion of the event to reviewing our employee values.


The Ansley Employee Committee revitalized and revamped the Employees of the Quarter Celebration to enhance the overall experience of all employees. The committee members acted as advocates for the staff and helped raise excitement and awareness for the event. The date and time of the celebration is also posted in the monthly employee newsletter to give employees plenty of notice. Though club members are not directly impacted by the changes, the increase in employee morale and club culture has created a better environment for the staff as well as the members.

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