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Racquet Sports Season Kickoff


Our Racquet Sports Season Kickoff has raised the visibility of our racquet sports programs, especially pickleball and POP tennis. The team concept has not only highlighted our teaching professionals’ leadership skills and teaching abilities, but it has promoted camaraderie between our teaching professionals and the players that they coach.

The event has provided an opportunity to both retain current racquet sports players who might have otherwise “aged out” of squash or tennis, and it has also helped to grow overall interest among those members who have never played a racquet sport and might otherwise be intimidated by the skills requirements of squash and tennis.


By combining four sports disciplines – tennis, squash, pickleball, and POP tennis into a single team event, our members enjoy round-robin doubles play in each of four disciplines – testing their skills in sports that our members already enjoy as well as some that they might not otherwise have considered playing.

Teams are captained by a teaching professional and a club member, and together they lead their teams through the day’s competition. Coaching strategy comes into play as no player can play the same sport more than twice during the event, meaning that at any given time some of the players will be off court enjoying time with their friends, relaxing to music, enjoying our club’s food and beverage offerings, and scouting out the competition in the next round of play.

This much anticipated event serves as both an opportunity for our members to socially re-connect at the end of the summer and it also serves as a fall kickoff for our upcoming racquet sports season.

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