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Safety Selfie Contest



The Safety Selfie Contest was created by the Myers Park Safety Committee as an initiative to spread awareness of following safe practices both at work and at home. By involving staff members from all departments in a contest that spanned three months, we were able to engage numerous team members consistently over time to keep safety at the top of mind. It became a fun competition between departments that not only raised awareness of safe work practices, but it prompted a lot of discussions about safety on- and off-the-job. Staff members had 6 opportunities to submit a “safety selfie”, and a winner was chosen for each submission deadline. The submissions were also posted in various areas of the Club that could be seen by employees.


Since this was a behind-the-scenes staff competition, there wasn’t direct member involvement or impact. However, our combined safety efforts over the last 3 years have resulted in our workers comp mod rating being lower from 1.54 to 0.86, which translates into serious savings for the Club in terms of workers comp insurance premiums, medical payments, and lost work time payments.

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