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"Senior Moments" Interviews


The Historical Committee at Belle Meade Country Club is continuously looking for new ways to preserve our history. This usually has means compiling, cataloging and storing it's written history in the form of documents, pictures, menu's, etc. BMCC is now preserving its oral history by interviewing our most graceful Senior Members about the history of the club and preserving their statements for years to come. We call the process "Senior Moment Interviews".


The Historical Committee at BMCC hired a professional film crew, solicited a few respected club members to act as the interviewers, and brought in some of our most knowledgeable and active senior members to partake in the "Senior Moments Interviews". Not only are we compiling these interviews digitally and physically, but we are sharing the interviews with the membership at-large every Friday on a weekly email.

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John Hardin

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