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Somerset Scholarship Fund


The scholarship program was created as an incentive to attract - and keep - seasonal staff members for more than one or two years. The seasonal nature of the Club presents a constant challenge in attracting and retaining a quality, consistent employee group from one year to the next. Somerset's staff is predominantly high school and college students.

In addition to employees of the Club, children and grandchildren of staff members are also eligible to apply for a scholarship.

The scholarship program has had a very positive impact on Somerset's entire operation. Club members, staff members and recipients have all expressed pride in being part of something so generous and unique.

The opportunity for employees to earn a scholarship has aided all departments in regards to hiring. We have seen kids committing to work at Somerset throughout their college years, which results in a more consistent staff. Many recipients receive a grant each year, some earning over $20,000 towards their college education. Pretty nice perk for a summer job! I have had countless phone calls - and hugs - from grateful parents of recipients.


With the assistance of an attorney we set up a 501(c)3 organization.

The Somerset Scholarship Fund Board of Directors and Club management created all documents including the application, solicitation and donation acknowledgment letters, correspondence letters with schools of grant recipients, etc.

The members are extremely proud of this program. Since its inception in 2001, $680,000 has been granted to deserving students. Many members tell Club employees the annual scholarship dinner is their favorite Somerset event of the year.

Not only have Club members' reactions been positive, but we have guests who learn about the program ask how they may contribute. Employees, too, show their support of the program by making significant donations to the Fund.

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