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Spartan Race



This year our Club offered a Spartan-type race with a twist on our six-hole Short Course that tested members’ golf skills and physical conditioning. Each hole included a workout obstacle to complete between each swing of the club. Each team, many of which were co-ed, was composed of five players. The “Saucon Spartan Competition” was a fun and good-natured race amongst the membership, drawing teams that ranged from whole families to a mixture of golf groups. A separate event utilizing the same course was held for the employees two days later to encourage physical activity and team bonding.


The members had a wonderful time using their facility in an entirely new way. It was such a success that it has been added as an annual event for not only the members, but the staff as well. It was an excellent way to reach a segment of the membership that sometimes falls through the cracks in activities at the Club.

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Alysha Gaffney

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