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Speed Golf


We wanted to add a fun aspect to our CMAA golf tournament that no one had ever done before. On Hole #10, instead of playing a regular hole, participants played speed golf, where they had to try and break a world record for the fastest par 5. One team member teed off while the others staggered themselves on the course ready to hit the ball when it landed. We had a chauffeur to drive the participant who hit the tee shot down the course. We also had a DJ and announcer, which made it a high energy activity. We also had a live feed on a Jumbotron, so people could watch and see how other teams were finishing.


The participants had a great time and it was a huge success. We are going to implement it as a club activity in the future. Based on everyone’s participation and reaction, it is something we would like to implement in more golf tournaments.

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Dustin Fuhrman

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