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Sporting Events Contests


The Grill created contests based around nationally televised sporting events in order to drive member engagement and member usage. The idea was implemented with the following event-based contests:

  • NFL Pick'em - On a weekly basis, members selected their choice of winners from Sunday football games--over 200 distinct members played at least once!
  • "Bowl"-ing at the Grill - Members chose the winners of each of the 40 bowl games--75 different members played.
  • Basketball Bracket Challenges - Members filled out brackets for both the ACC Men's and Women's basketball tournaments with prizes at each round — 300 distinct members played.
  • Horse Racing - For each of the Triple Crown horse races, members picked the win, place and show.


For all of these events, food items were the prizes—and kids were encouraged to play along with their parents. The members had a lot of fun comparing their results and the Grill was able to increase visits
and generate revenue.

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Erik Laaksonen

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