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Idea Fair

Staff Recruitment Internship


As the old saying goes, “A picture paints a 1000 words” This was the inspiration behind our idea as to how to attract interns/externs to positions available here at the club.

The idea of promoting our program, destination and lifestyle that we offer here at Tara Iti enhances our club’s operation in the following ways:
- It provides the much needed help throughout our busy season and assists in delivering our high level of service.
- The interns provide us a fresh perspective to our club through their US “private club” eyes which is different to clubs in NZ.
- They enhance our social strategy, provide valuable feedback and offer insight into latest trends.
- They help spread the word about our club and talk about their experience with their peers, friends and family members, which helps promote our club Internationally.


The postcards from our Interns poster board is used at the 2020 Career Opportunities and Mentoring Showcase at the annual CMAA conference and is also displayed on our Tara Iti Golf Club website.

Both NZ and International members enjoy having young personable passionate, professional employees from the US who they can relate to based on school, state, sports team or other commonalities.

As a club with a combination of members both international and local, we find it beneficial to have local and international staff, which adds to the uniqueness of our club culture.

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