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Testo Digital Kitchen Management System


To reinforce safe food handling and modernize food temperature tracking, Woodfield implemented the Testo digital temperature system at our Waterside restaurant. Testo is a digital kitchen management system for monitoring food temperatures as well as kitchen/stewarding related checklists. The system uses Bluetooth enabled devices to provide management of quality parameters and streamline data collection.

How it works: a Bluetooth enabled thermometer records a temperature and transmits it to a tablet that records the information and verifies whether the item is at temp or not. If the item is not at temp, corrective actions are requested before you can move on to the next item. This information is then emailed in a report to designated managers. Reports contain graphs and charts that help track temperature variations in products from day to day. This information can be used to identify items that are being improperly cooled down as well as identify equipment failures/malfunctions.


We implemented Testo at our Waterside restaurant in the summer of 2019. At each food station there is a checklist for recording temperatures and our standard is that all checks are completed before the start of service each day. During the checks, we can easily pinpoint issues and take corrective actions immediately. In addition to recording food temperatures, we also use Testo to verify that our dishwasher is sanitizing or heating to a specific temperature. Testo has brought our equipment and food safety monitoring to the next level.

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Eben M. Molloy, CCM

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