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The Baby Bib Program



A challenge with membership is always keeping up with their member profiles and updating them as life changes occur. We noticed as our youth program has evolved how many children were left off of profiles, and started brainstorming ways to improve the system. The Baby Bib program begun two years ago with the concept that once a new addition to the family was born, the parents would contact our Director of Member events with the baby's name and date of birth, and she would prepare a bib to be picked up at the front desk the next time they were at the club. The Director of Member Events then passes the information over to our Director of Member Services, who is able to add the child into the member profile. We came to find this program is successful for three reasons; giving our Congo Kids their first piece of club swag, we are able to add them into the membership system, and proud families can celebrate pictures of the babies in the newsletter!


The Baby Bib program has been going strong for over 2 years, and has allowed us to input over 50 children in our membership program. We have also featured babies wearing the bibs in our newsletter, which has generated an exciting and celebratory buzz for new parents and grandparents alike. The bib is starting to become not only a fun way to welcome kids to the club but also a tradition for families to enjoy.

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Alexandra Sarris

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