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The BOAZZ.(Bocce Ball Retriever)
This idea is to allow bocce players to pick up more bocce balls and the palliono with ease and keep the game moving.
Great for bocce players that struggle with physical conditions
helps the players speed up the games by assisting and picking up more balls
Keeps your shirt from getting dirty


One of our members John Wilson came up with the idea. The Boazz (abbreviated name for Bocce Assistant) is a multiple bocce ball retriever.
The Boazz was developed after observing Bocce players struggling to retrieve bocce balls.
The Boazz is 28″ tall.
Base has three scoops with tapered tips. Bocce balls lock into the scoops. The members find that it makes retrieving balls much easier and the game more fun.
we have them on every court.

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Steve Malvinni

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