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The Swat-fest


The idea of the Swat-fest was conceptualized as a way for our men to play more golf, provide them a fun member experience and to get our members meeting other people beyond their current social circle. Arrowhead has had an issue of tight social circles making it hard for younger or new members to meet new friends and justify belonging to the club. Instead of a regular mixed men's 18-hole event we decided that by offering a horse-race type competition with a party like atmosphere after a men's day shotgun we could get good participation and with the golf staff making the teams of 4 we could mix up players and give guys an opportunity to meet new golfing partners and expand their social circles. Needless to say the men of the club jumped on this right away and love the horse-race experience of having 30-40 guys all playing at the same time and having fun. We are finding that our men are meeting other golfing partners, they are playing more golf because of it, but most importantly we see that their wife's and children are making more friends which has helped our member retention significantly. We are seeing more use of the pool as couples and family's make new acquaintances, and we are also seeing more women and juniors playing golf as they have developed more golfing groups as well. Our Food & Beverage operation has seen an uptick with the Beverage Cart being out for every Swat-fest as well as the pub and dinning areas on those nights with the wife's meeting their husbands and new friends for dinner and drinks after.


The idea was implemented by offering a Swat-fest after each end of the month Arrowhead Sanctioned Men's Tournament. Sign up for the Swat-fest could be done anytime of the day by calling the Golf Shop or signing up during check in for the tournament. The members loved the idea and have fully embraced it. They love the party like atmosphere with music, drinks and food and have accepted meeting new members that they otherwise may not of had the chance to meet. The men that may not have an opportunity to play in the afternoon tournament especially love it as it gives them a chance to come out in the evening to play in the Swat-fest and still have social time with there buddies and enjoy a fun golf experience.

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